Babz Beauty™ is great for anyone that is enthusiastic and in love with beauty, health, and skincare! As mentioned earlier, providing education is our mission to keep all of our customers knowledgeable pertaining to the beauty field and accomplishing a healthy lifestyle. For those who do not know, my name is Victoria Nixon and I am the sole owner/ manager for Babz Beauty LLC. I started this business to inform customers how to achieve and create a better skincare routine. I graduated from Formula Botanica as a Certified Cosmetic Chemist on July 27, 2021.


So what exactly is a 'Skincare Formulator'? A 'Skincare Formulator' develops formulas in order to create and test new cosmetic products. This also involves manufacturing the ingredients in a safe way, in order for it to be sold to the public. 

Customer Service

Our products are high quality and carefully analyzed before shipping to the consumer. The great thing about our company is that if you ever have any questions or concerns, then you can always contact us and we will be more than happy to resolve any issues within a timely manner. Babz Beauty™ strives for ultimate customer service, along with providing knowledge that is needed to look great and maintain healthy, and beautiful skin. I personally, would like to thank you Beauties for your support and love! We appreciate and are forever grateful for each and everyone of you. 
Yours Truly,

-Victoria N.